Green Light In The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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The Great Gatsby is a book with many twists and turns with numerous themes that become prominent throughout the story. The most important theme, the green light, is what helps the reader understand what one character truly wants. Through many re-interpretations Fitzgerald uses the plot to show the green light represents Gatsby’s hopes and dreams for his future. The green light does not change throughout the book but rather changes in interpretation with it seeming to be about Daisy in the beginning and to be later revealed as a sign of hope towards the end.

Fitzgerald first reveals Gatsby’s enormous dilemma which leads the reader into assuming that Gatsby solving his issue is his only goal. Jordan replies to Nick that “Gatsby bought that house so that daisy would just be across the bay” which gives a nick a more probable reason to why Gatsby picked a house so close (78). This whole scene shows that Gatsby basically is centered around Daisy which is something he is dedicated to creating the beginning to the plot. Nick later narrates that “The” which shows his thinking bringing two and two together and seeing how dedicated Gatsby is to Daisy (78). The tying of all of this information helps …show more content…

This is mostly explained when Nick ganders at the fact that “Gatsby believed...morning” which exposes the true meaning of the green light (180). This is backed up when Nick says “Gatsby’s wonder… him” to relate with how he failed to grasp his dream. The green light did not change at all in the story meaning that Gatsby did not truly grasp his goal and died leaving his goal unfinished. This change in interpretation helps to build Gatsby’s character as someone who had dreams beyond love. The static change of the green light helps the reader fully understand that Gatsby’s goal was larger than what it seemed to

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