Grendel's Nature And Evil In Beowulf

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Evil Outline Thesis: Grendel is evil because was he isolated by society, neglected by his mother, and had no identity or purpose. Neglect The fact that Grendel’s mother does not show affection towards him is directly linked to why he has developed into an evil being. “‘Why are we here?’ I used to ask her. ‘Why do we stand this putrid, stinking hole’. She trembles at my words. Her fat lips shake ‘Don’t ask!’ It must be some terrible secret, I used to think” Grendel repeatedly asks his mother for answers to all of his life questions. All he wants to know is why they are living in a hole, he just wants to find his identity and purpose. She won't even give him what he needs, she barely even speaks English. Throughout the book Grendel is constantly neglected by his …show more content…

“I think nurture from parents or a parent is the reason why a person acts the way the do, basically how the parents raise their children alters their personality, language and any way that they act with other people”(Nature). Parents contribute genes that are then passed on to their offspring, and can make up their ,mental and emotional characteristics. There is a direct connection to kindness, generosity and compassion from parent to child. People can be born evil, but it is also a learned behavior, and an outcome of bad parenthood. Grendel was a product of evil beings, he had no way to control it or stop it. His ancestors did not pass on any “compassionate traits”, and this is demonstrated through his mother's behaviors throughout the novel. According to the quote a parent's language is a key part to how their offspring will act in the future. Since Grendel’s mom barely even mumbles, this explains why he has amounted to be the evil being everyone thought he

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