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Guilt is a major theme that intertwines the luxurious novels, as both the protagonists Amir, from The Kite Runner, and Piscine who is known as Pi, from Life of Pi, struggle due to guilt. To begin, in The Kite Runner the main protagonist Amir, a conflicted boy, makes some rash decisions which leads him to feel guilty. The reason why guilt eats Amir’s soul is because he sees his best friend/step-brother,Hassan, get rapped right in front of his eyes, and Amir did nothing about it. The reason why Amir is nothing to stop this horrendous act from taking place is because he was angry at Hassan for stealing Baba’s, Amir’s father, affection from him. Even though, Hassan did not intend to “sweep” Baba’s affection towards his way. The rape takes place …show more content…

Amir then said to himself, “ Nothing was free in the world. Maybe Hassan was the prize I had to pay, the lamb I had to slay, to win Baba” (Hosseini,77). There is allusion present when Amir says “the lamb I had to slay”, this is alluding to a celebration called Hadj. On this special day, Muslims around the world sacrifice a lamb for what they wish for. This tradition leads back to when Abraham was alive. “Abraham was childless, but God (Allah) promised him a son and gave him this son. God tested Abraham's faith by ordering him to sacrifice his son. Just as Abraham was about to kill his son, the angel Gabriël told him to sacrifice a sheep instead. In gratitude of God's mercy on this human, the Muslims sacrifice one or more sheep every year” (animal freedom). In order for Amir to get what he wants he had to sacrifice Hassan. Due to making the wrong choice, the guilt of witnessing Hassan’s rape and not being able to do anything to prevent the rape from commencing causes Amir to suffer from heartache. Guilt is present when Amir realizes that Hassan knew that he was in the alley. Even though Amir did not help Hassan when he was in trouble, Hassan still helps prevent Amir from getting in trouble; by accepting the lie that he stole the money from Amir. This is shown in the following

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