Hamlet Is Not Insane In Shakespeare's Hamlet

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Hamlet The play Hamlet is based on a tragedy. Hamlet, the prince of Denmark, has recently lost his father. His father, who is also named Hamlet, was murdered. Hamlet Sr’s brother, Claudius, is now crowned King and Gertrude, Hamlet Jr’s mother is now forced to marry Claudius. Hamlet Sr. comes back as a ghost and reveals to Hamlet that his own brother murdered him to be crowned King. Hamlet cannot think about anything else besides seeking revenge. Has the death of Hamlet’s father caused him to go insane? No, he is faking his insanity. During the Shakespearean Era they would speak in verse and proses. Speaking in verse meant you were well educated and wealthy. While speaking in proses meant the exact opposite. People who spoke in proses did …show more content…

(Shakespeare 3.2.77-80)
Hamlet asks his friend to also watch Claudius’ reaction so he is not bias. This shows Hamlet is still logical. Which also shows that he is not insane. Although Hamlet shows he is logical, some of his actions show he does not think clearly. Hamlet becomes obsessed with getting revenge for his father. He makes a plan to kill Claudius. Gertrude tries to speak to Hamlet and talk some sense into him, but she has no luck. A man named Polonius, who is close to Claudius, is listening into Gertrude’s and Hamlet’s conversation behind a curtain. Hamlet hears polonius make a noise but he thinks it is the King. “How now, a rat? Dead for a ducat dead!” (Shakespeare 3.4.25). Hamlet is sure the KIng is behind the curtain and he stabs him to death with his sword. To Hamlet’s surprise it is Polonius. He went through a tragedy. Hamlet is just traumatized from his father's death but he is not insane. Hamlet was the prince of Denmark. He was very intelligent and wealthy. You could tell by the way he spoke. He spoke in verse unless he was trying to trick people into thinking he was insane. He made logical decisions like asking his friend to keep an eye on Claudius. Hamlet was not insane. He was faking

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