Moment Of Recognition In Shakespeare's Hamlet

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The anagnorisis is known as the moment of recognition is also a necessary element which makes character become a tragic hero. When Hamlet sets up the mousetrap, the plot of the mousetrap is as same as what the ghost tells to Hamlet, Hamlet wants to use this show to test if the King is a murderer. After the show, Claudius gets up and leaves the room very agitated. At this point, he realized that his uncle really kills his father. Hamlet's mischief appears in the script. This moment is important because, at this time, Hamlet realizes that he is now obliged to kill his uncle so that he can revenge his father's death. As we can see, after the play, Hamlet follows Claudius and decides to punish him in the more strict way instead of just kill …show more content…

Ho! Let the door be locked. Treachery! Seek it out.”(IV.ii. 313-14) and kills him at the last minute, “Here, thou incestuous, Drink off this potion. Is murd’rous, damnèd Dane, thy union here? Forcing him to drink the poison. Follow my mother.” (IV.ii. 326-28). At these points, Hamlet recognizes that he is at impasses, he has nothing to lose or protect, his mother and lover both dead. Therefore, he shows his brave side and kill the king, died together. Ophelia also has one of the composition of tragedy, anagnorisis throughout the play. When she knows that his father is dead, her brother is far away in France, and her lover Hamlet laugh at her, “ Get thee to a nunnery. Why wouldst thou be a breeder of sinners?”(III.i. 123-24). When she realizes that all her spiritual and material support pillars are gone, She feels she can not survive, “And I, of ladies most deject and wretched.”(III.i. 169). After the clear understanding of her own situation, she gets into madness which leads her to drown in the

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