Harriet Jacobs Accomplishments

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Harriet Jacobs Final Paper Assignment Harriet Jacobs was a very important African American women during the hard times of slavery. Harriet was an example of how African American women were treated. Although she was tough and went through a long journey she survived and accomplished her goal of gaining freedom for herself and her family. Harriet was also an author who wrote a popular book Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl which told her personal story including all the barriers in her life so that people could be aware of the cruel treatments and the lifestyle some of the helpless enslaved women had to go through during the 1800-1900’s. Harriet’s parents, Elijah and Delilah Jacobs, were …show more content…

Some of her major accomplishments are looked at as positive influences. For example Harriet’s book Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl was very popular during the 1900’s. It exposed the real story behind slaved mothers with children from white men. The book gave society a real taste of reality, telling the United States to wake up. The book also played a role against slavery. What was so clever about the book was that it was based on a true story and it could be happening in multiple situations. Another major accomplishment was Harriet was the first African American slave woman to author a narrative in the United States. Harriet helped throughout the community when it was possible she fed and supported runaway slaves, promoted welfare for poor blacks in Boston, was one of the first community organizers for African Americans, believed that everyone should be educated, fought for African American rights in the hospital, and overall gave many slaves the hope to survive and get through anything. Harriet rarely did anything that had a negative affect. She was all about giving even if she did not have much to give, she was going to try her hardest with what she could …show more content…

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