Compare And Contrast Douglass And Harriet Jacobs

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Harriet Ann Jacobs was an African-American writer who escaped from slavery. Frederick Douglass was also an African-American abolitionist who escaped from slavery and become the leader of the abolitionist movement. Harriet and Frederick had similarities and differences in their life. Both of this writers changed many African-American lives by standing up for slavery.
Similarities that Douglass and Jacobs had is that they were both African-American slavers. They both escaped from slavery and became important people to African-American. They both expressed slavery life though autobiography. They were both in support of the Female Anti-Slavery Society. Frederick and Harriet stood as a living example to slaveholders. They had big mind for slavery, and they both wanted everybody to know how it is a life of a slave. …show more content…

Harriet was a slavery in the 1813’s, she was harassed by her master. She got pregnant when she was sixteen with a boy, three years later she got pregnant again this time was a girl. She hide in a tiny garret above her grandmother home for seven years with no light, just the light from the sun. Harriet escaped to the north in 1842. She got to New York in 1845 where she was reunited with her daughter and they both made a new life. Harriet had a tough life for the fact that she lived in fear for ten years, because she didn’t want slave owners to find her once she escaped from slavery. She expressed her slavery life through a powerful book name Incident in the Life of a Slave Girl. In this book she spoke about her white owner who harassed her and on her life as a slavery

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