Harrison Bergeron Family

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“The Contrast of My Family from Harrison Bergeron Family”

The best family of Jerry Ferguson Jr versus the so called average family of Harrison Bergeron. The story I chose is “Harrison Bergeron” by Kurt Vonnegut and I chose this short story to use because I can use it to tell a difference or contrast between the family. So I can contrast this because in the short story it describes the Mother as being an “average” Mother and my Mother to me is beyond the average. A second one is that the father in the story always will forget the events that happen in twenty-seconds so that's different than my Mother because she will never forget about anything it don’t matter if it happened many years ago she will never forget. And the last detail is that
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The reason’s I say that is because my Mother will always be asking what I am doing or making sure I am doing something right. But in “Harrison Bergeron” the Mother I wouldn’t say she don’t care about Harrison but she didn’t make sure or watched over him as much to not let him plan attacks against the handicapped government. My second reason is that my Mother will always be the key part of my life meaning she will always tell me what and I know you will say that while that kind of the average Mother but in the novel the definition of an average Mother is the Harrison Mother so that’s another way my Mother is different. The last detail is that my Mother will always worry about me even if she doing something for me, unlike in the story the Mother of Harrison let the police come into her house and take her son without questioning them on what their actions are for taking her son, so my Mother is different from that because my mother will questioned them to the point where she will be questioning me and the police like she is a lawyer trying to get me out of trouble(even though I'm not it’s just an example). So as you can tell the difference between my Mother and the Mother in “Harrison Bergeron” is different in one being the
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