Heart Of The Saamander And The Giver Analysis

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This paper aims to compare and contrast the similar themes of “The Heart of the Salamander,” focusing on the dystopian novel “Fahrenheit 451” by Ray Bradbury published in 1953 to the 2014 American science fiction film adaptation, “The Giver.” Moreover, the paper reiterates the post-apocalyptic and post-modern theme. From the title itself, “Fahrenheit 451” pertains to the temperature of which books burn. Upon reading the “Heart of the Salamander”, the plot comprises of a dystopian society that oppresses its people by using parlor rooms for the government to feed its viewers with propaganda, medication, and discouraging intellectual ideas by burning books therefore keeping the population ignorant. The protagonist of the novel, Guy Montag was…show more content…
The film’s picture is black and white during the beginning and transitions to various colors the more knowledge is obtained. The society is organized in communities and only one person knows all the memories of the past, the receiver of Memory which aids in the decision making of the Cheif Elder and other Elders. Everyone in the society is assigned specific jobs to create an organized system from being a birth mother, nurturer, food production etc. Every family not built through love, it’s made for convenience. The citizens are oblivious to the elders controlling their every move and suppressing their emotions through daily…show more content…
It is later revealed that she was killed by the community by lethal injection. They killed anyone that opposed and questioned the system. The Giver is comparable to Clarisse from Fahrenheit 451. They both served as the catalysts for change in both stories. They provided the protagonists the capability to change their minds and inspire them to go against the grain. The novel , Fahrenheit 451 and the film The Giver both have an underlying theme of curiosity and bravery. These works of art are great examples of post modernism as it pertains to a society that questions its mere existence. All belief systems and ideologies are developed for the purpose of controlling others in maintaining particular political and social systems. It challenges the flawed system instead of being trapped into a cycle of oppression and

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