Henry Drummond Inherit The Wind

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To every story there are at least two sides; for any considered conclusion a fact must have a contradiction. Moreover, arguments follow in tow. Henry Drummond in Inherit the Wind by Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee, displays the significance to Creationism and Darwinism in tandem. For either side to appropriately stay considered they must correlate with opposition. For an argument to be substantial and taken seriously, it must have debatable opposition and equal representation. Throughout Inherit the Wind, Henry Drummond demands equal representation in hopes of keeping the trial fair. Because Drummond supports the unfavorable stance in the court case, he and his position are at odds against the religious town. By demanding equal representation and status, Drummond establishes the importance of unbiased representation;“The use of this title prejudices the case of my client; it calls up a picture of the prosecution, astride a white horse, ablaze in the uniform of a militia colonel, with all the forces of right and righteousness marshalled behind him” (Lawrence and Lee 1 2 113-116). When Drummond calls out Matthew Brady and his appointed title, he delivers evidence of bias against his client and case. Consequently, by demanding a fair and equal change in titles, Mr. Drummond discerns to the town that the case must …show more content…

By placing the two cherished books into his personal briefcase, Henry Drummond exhibits the importance of both books’ existence. One must be able to question their environment to reach true conclusions for themselves, “The man who has everything figured out is probably a fool… it takes a very smart fella to say “I don’t know the answer”(1 2 414-417). Laying side by side the literature symbolizes the necessity of the contradicting volumes; because the subjects persist debatability and can equally support the argument and remain

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