Henry I As A King Essay

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What is a king? Is it just someone who wears a crown and sits on a throne? Or are they much more? Kings must possess certain qualities, namely good leadership abilities, a certain degree of eloquence, and a good reputation among his people. There is one characteristic, however, that sets apart “typical” kings from “true” kings: humility. A king must become one with his people and not view himself as a god to maintain his status. History has demonstrated that those who exalt themselves will trip and fall off their pedestals. This is what a king must be. Throughout the recorded ages of the earth, there have been countless rulers. One of these rulers, Henry V of England, is quite an interesting character. In fact, he was special because William Shakespeare authored a play about Henry V, …show more content…

In the first few years of his reign, threats to Henry’s status were made by uprisings and conspiracies. However, whenever something serious actually happened, the resistance was terminated. A couple years into his reign, Henry decided to make a claim to land owned by France. He began opposing France by trying to rid France of any allies that would support them. Henry did his best to destroy the bigger towns and strongholds located in Northern France, which would give him a foothold within the country. Henry won victories in Harfleur and Agincourt, which resulted in him earning a visit from the Holy Roman emperor Sigismund, whom Henry made an alliance with. Together they were able to capture the capital of northern France, Rouen, in 1419. Henry won the loyalty of Burgundy after John, the Duke of Burgundy, was murdered in September of 1419. In May of the next year, France made the Treaty of Troyes with Henry, making him heir to the throne of France and guaranteeing his marriage to Catherine, the princess. Henry’s newfound power, however, was not only temporary but very

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