Henry The Navigator Characteristics

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Henry the Navigator
Henry the Navigator, as well as new technology, greatly assisted the Europeans’ ability to expand trade around the world. As the Europeans were able to expand trade around the world, they created a surplus of supplies and became wealthy. Consequently, Europeans start to grow in population throughout their colonies. Henry the Navigator helped the Europeans discover more land and made it easier to expand overseas. Europeans relied on the use of new technology and Henry the Navigator to expand trade around the world.
One way that helped the Europeans expand trade around the world was technology. The marine chronometer was an important piece of technology. Marine chronometer was a specialized clock for finding longitude at
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They also used lunar distance to find longitude. Lunar distance measured how close the moon was to a star and then calculating the altitude of the moon and the star. By doing that, it helped determine the longitude without a marine chronometer. The other important tool that helped the Europeans was called the octant or also known as a reflective unit. The octant or reflective unit was used in navigation to reflect light to see the angle of the sun to help them determine the time of day.
In addition to the use of technology, Henry the Navigator was also an important person in the expansion of European trade around the world. Henry the Navigator, also known as Prince Henry, was born on 1394. He was the third son of King John of Portugal. When Prince Henry was 21 years old he was in charge of a military army that captured the Muslim outpost of Ceuta in 1415. Three years after the capture of Ceuta, Prince Henry founded Sagres this was an institute on the southwestern point of Portugal known as Cape Saint Vincent. The Institute had many libraries and an enormous observatory.
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This ship was fast and was very easily moved unlike past ships. Though the Caravel was pretty small, they were extremely useable. The ship Nina and the Pinta were made by the famous ship maker Christopher Columbus. PBS.org notes that “Judging by his name, you might think that Henry the Navigator was a great explorer with extraordinary navigating skills. Truth is, Prince Henry of Portugal never set sail on voyages of discovery.” Even though he did not travel himself, he sent fourteen expeditions toward

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