History Of The Chicago Tylenol Murders Of 1982

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Imagine going days without feeling safe to take any medicine. A popular event that happened in 1982 was the Chicago Tylenol Murders. A group of victims were killed by taking the everyday medicine that has been poisoned. The Chicago Tylenol Murders of 1982 are very dangerous because of the sudden first killings, main suspects, and testing the Tylenol. Tampered Tylenol was found at a couple different stores and there was a small chance for a victim to get a poisoned tablet. Tylenol tablets with cyanide in them killed seven people in 1982 (Lerner & Learner, 2007). This was a tragic part of history. In downtown Chicago victims bought cyanide injected tylenol bottles at five stores and 2 more bottles were found at another store (Lerner & Learner, …show more content…

Husband, James William Lewis, and wife, LeAnn, were in Kansas City a couple years sooner and were accused for a neighbor's death and money frauds.The first case was forgotten from wrong police methods (Pusey, 2017). A letter came to Johnson and Johnsons office after 7 days after the beginning deaths. It said: "Since the cyanide is inside the gelatin, it is easy to get buyers to swallow the bitter pill. So far, I have spent less than $50 and it takes me less than 10 minutes per bottle." This happened when many inspectors were meeting (Pusey, 2017). Lewis claimed the letter was about his wife's old employee and proof of money being redirected from travel agencies banks. Lewis served 20 years in jail for his try of blackmail and a seperate card deception (Pusey, 2017). Owners of a letter from the travel agency in Chicago which stated $1 million was required to stop the deaths. Inspectors closed on Nancy, an a old unpaid employee after closing, and Robert Richardson, husband drawn to her statement. Proof showed they were not who they acted to be after vanishing from Chicago many days sooner than when Tylenol killings occurred (Pusey,

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