Holden's Depression In The Catcher In The Rye

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People that are unable to express their feelings are more likely to express depression. Depression is not necessary a stage going through people with mental illness, but rather anyone that is unable to express themselves. Depression is a condition which a person feels unimportant, sad, and hopeless. Studies have shown that those who developed drug problems were more likely to show depression. As has been said, researchers at the University of Texas studied 32 teens, 19 of whom had been maltreated in childhood but did not have a current psychiatric disorder. As for Holden he did not have mental disorder while going through depression. Holden is a 16 year old character in the novel The Catcher in the Rye that expressed depression through the whole novel. Two factors that show his depression is his personality and Allie’s death. However, Holden’s personality and Allie’s death has led him to make impulsive decisions and to be judgmental towards people. To begin, Holden’s decisions were not quite thought through. He always made quick decisions on everything. For example, when the guy in the hotel told him to meet up with the prostitute in a room, and earn …show more content…

The things that have happened in Prep Pencey are what gotten Holden to the point where he would think of killing himself. Or if anyone shouted him “good luck,” he would get depressed. Also getting flashbacks of Allie, while looking at his baseball mitt gotten him depressed. When he asked the driver where the ducks go when it’s freezing. Holden here is getting the idea that everything dies. He is unable to make friends because he thinks that he will always be alone and because he lies so much. Lying is not only what people with mental illness, but also normal people due to. Normal people lie to get themselves out of problem. As for Holden, he sometimes felt like lying, because he was

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