Holden's Support System In The Catcher In The Rye

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The Death of a loved one is painful and destructive; however, there's healthy ways to rebuild yourself after that loss. Holden, the protagonist of The Catcher In The Rye, and his family lost Allie and they all showed signs of suffering from the loss since they didn’t find helpful ways to make peace with Allie’s death. Holden’s father and mother both displayed self destructive patterns after losing Allie. The most extreme case is Holden, who lives by the notion that the world is cruel and is made for suffering rather than living. Holden’s family is scattered apart, which makes it harder for them to heal. Throughout the book Holden is isolated from people that would look after him and as a result Holden sees himself as his own adviser and …show more content…

A functional family is a good support system. As the your parents give you what you need to advance and provide emotional support not just financially. A healthy support system is one which you can trust your family members rather that your emotions.A healthy support system is one you know you could lean back to knowing you’d be taken back with love rather than consequence. A healthy support system is intimate and personal. Sadly, Holden’s support system completely contrasts with an ideal support system. His mother and father are secretly invested into their personal issues his mom smoking cigarettes living in anxiety, his father working long hours and investing in unsuccessful broadways plays. Holden constantly feared making mistakes as his parent’s would either yell him or send him away to another boarding school. His oldest brother D.B in a sense abandoned him to work for Hollywood which is why he mentions Hollywood in such a scornful way as it stole his older brother from him. Because his support system is less than Ideal he doesn’t use it he’s often afraid of using it. When he did use it through hiding Phoebe's room he realized people do

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