How Are Daisy And Jay Gatsby Alike

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Have you ever loved someone before? How did you feel? How did it feel? Love is a very strong feeling, not just love but true love. Have you ever thought or been told you don’t have enough money to be with someone you love? In the novel The Great Gatsby by Fitzgerald, Jay Gatsby and Tom bunchman are very similar in that they both have extravagant cars, live in magnificent homes and both love daisy. Tom and Gatsby both are in love with Daisy and they somewhat have to compete in wealth, but also in who actually loves her.

The huge parties that Gatsby throws for Daisy shows a sign of wealth. Also Gatsby’s yellow extravagant rolls royce signifies money and wealth. (“it’s a nice yellow one”(Fitzgerald 130). Gatsby felt and knew that having no money would not allow him to be with Daisy, so he he decided to go out and make tons of money and sort of buy daisy. But we learned that money can’t buy everything including people. Tom was also rich, maybe not as rich as Gatsby but he had a significant amount of money. Tom also had a expensive car that signified that he was very wealthy “well you take my coupe and let me drive your car to town” (Fitzgerald 127). Being wealthy doesn't always guarantee that someone will love you, as we saw when Daisy told Tom she loves Gatsby. …show more content…

They both own mansions, but Gatsby’s mansion isn’t just a mansion. His home is very castle like and Gatsby does very different things than Tom does with his home. Gatsby throws gigantic parties for the whole city and Tom just uses his house for it’s sole purpose, to live. “There was music from my neighbor's house through the summer nights” (Fitzgerald). “In his blue gardens men and girls came and went like moths among the whisperings and the champagne and the stars”

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