How Can Ancient Rome Be Exaggerated

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Ancient Rome 's influence cannot be exaggerated. The English language, government, and culture – from basics such as alphabet and calendar to more sophisticated legal systems – are so heavily saturated with Roman features that it is impossible to imagine what the world would be like if Rome had not prospered. In this essay, I have tried to include the most interesting facts relating to the entire Roman period. The first aspect is the army. The Romans needed a large army to protect their empire. That is why, all men who were Roman citizens aged between 17 and 46 could be called on to join the army. They joined large army units called "legions", smaller units were "centuries". Army was greatly equipped with heavy weapons, shields, steel helmets, leather kilts. Soldiers joined the army for 25 years and in all that time they could not marry. The Roman army was very successful, due to the great organization, strict discipline and planned actions. …show more content…

Most towns were built to the same fundamental design. At their center was a large open area called the "forum". It was town 's market-place, where traders sold goods and business people met. Next door to the forum was the "basilica", a large public building for the officials. Wealthy Romans often owned a house in a town and one in the country too. The country house was called "villa", it was some kind of a farm, where slaves were used to work. Slavery was a normal part of Roman life. Slaves could be inherited, presented as gifts, whipped, killed or sold off. They even had no proper name. Slaves worked on the land, served their owners in their homes, labored in workshops. In a brief, such was an ancient Rome and its life, courage and

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