How Did Alvin Ailey Contribute To Dance

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Alvin ailey was one of the most important pillars in the modern dance world. Since he was 18 to the time of his death in 1989 he has shown an undying passion for dance. Ailey is widely respected for his achievements nand the company he founded in 1954. He is also known and respected for being an awesome choreographer. Today i’m going to show what contribute to his success as a dance pioneer.

In 1958 at the age of 27 Ailey opened the Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre. The opening of the theatre is known to be ailey’s greatest achievement as a dancer/choreographer. The theatre was ailey’s ticket to success because not to long after the opening of the theatre ailey and his dancers performed for the first time on March,30,1958 at a theatre in New York. The theatre was not always successful because in 1970 due to lack of funds the theatre almost dissolved. His theatre made him a important figure in history because it demonstrated what a black man could do even when the world is trying to stop him. Since being founded ailey’s company has become one of the best learning environments in the united states for young dancers to come to. …show more content…

His choreography was like nothing the world has seen as it has popularized multicultural modern dance for the world. His most famous piece is called revelations and is being performed to this day by his school of young students and it has been performed for people globally. Since his theatre was founded his students has performed for more than 20 million people not counting tv viewers. Last, ailey’s achievements has earn him the number 4 spot on the list for best choreographers in

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