How Did Atticus Finch Win The Trial

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For the trial in To Kill A Mockingbird my character was Atticus Finch. He is a lawyer respected by many in Maycomb County. Tom Robinson didn’t have the funds or the ability to get a good lawyer so the judge decided to assign the case to Atticus Finch. His reasoning was he knew there were many lawyers who would show up and just collect their paycheck, but he knew Atticus Finch was different. He knew that Atticus would fight for Tom Robinson and give him a good case to prove his innocence.

Atticus after a while of getting to know Tom Robinson and started to build a case for him. Atticus soon realized that Tom Robinson was telling the truth and that all of his stories checked out. Like where he worked the route he took to work his family life and such. Atticus realized that Tom Robinson May have a chance to win this case for Tom Robinson. Atticus also knew Tom Robinson was in trouble because many people wanted to attack and harm him, but Atticus wouldn’t let that happen. One night he stayed with Tom Robinson and Atticus and his children were able to talk to the attackers and make them realize that they were good people who should not be doing this. They soon left and Atticus knew what he gotten into, there …show more content…

Atticus knew that he had the respect of people on the jury and he knew that they would defend and help him at all costs. Into the trial Atticus knew it would be rough fighting against the other side going against many many years of history. During the trial Tom Robinson and Atticus were working very well and were winning over the courtroom. As well as the help of numerous people testifying with holes in their stories like “why would you not call a doctor” the opposition had no true evidence. They kept going off of just stories and their word. Knowing that some people would convict Tom Robinson no matter what happens in the

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