How Did Eli Whitney Changed Cotton Farming

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Eli Whitney Do you farm cotton? Do you know who changed cotton farming? Eli Whitney did! He said.,“ I never knew my cotton gin would change history!”
Eli Whitney was an inventor and studied law. His inventions worked out better than his “lawyering”. Eli Whitney liked mechanical work but he also knew it was important to go to school. Eli Whitney was born in Westboro, Massachusetts on December 8, 1765 and he passed away on January 8, 1825 from prostate cancer. Growing up on the farm with his two brothers and one sister, Eli also enjoyed working in his father's workshop( Birking 1) . Eli was also more interested in machinery than farming. He loved to figure out how things work. Eli once built a fiddle in his father's workshop. He …show more content…

Eli Whitney was famous for making the cotton gin, which tacks seeds out of picked cotton. He also made muskets for the U.S. government.(Cefry pg 10 ,18 ). Most plantations could only grow a type of cotton that was difficult and expensive to clean. The seeds had to be removed by hand for that reason. Many plantation owners in the south had to stop growing cotton. Eli Whitney invented a machine called the cotton gin. This used a wire screen in combination with small hooks to pull the cotton fibers though. The gin in cotton gin is short for the word engine. The cotton gin could clean more cotton in a few hours than a couple of workers could in one day (Birking). When Whitney arrived i gorga cleaning green cotton was still a hand jod. It took a slave a full day to clean 1 pound of cotton. With in a day he had produced a design for a gin. In April 1793 he had made one which cleaned 50 pounds a day. He received a patent for his machine in march 1904. A large number of copy machines . Whitney turned to the manufacturer of small arms as a way of finding money to live. He signed his first contract with the federal government. Whitney had no factory and no workers, he also knew nothing about making guns. He delivered his first 500 guns 3 years later.He died in New Hampshire Connecticut. On January 8 ,1924. Eli was good at inventing the cotton gin and other useful

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