Inventions From 1776-1870

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The period from 1776 - 1870 consisted of revolutionary inventions and innovations that made an impact in the United States and helped shape its economy and what it is now . A lot of the inventions throughout these years varied into different things but had all changed America’s society and Industry. “ Developments in technology transformed it’s manufacturing and these transformation became known as the Industrial Revolution”. () In this period of almost 100 years many innovations were thought of , but if there at least three inventions that greatly changed the United States they would be the cotton gin, railways with trains, and the telegraph.

The cotton gin was invented by Eli Whitney in 1793, and then patented his invention in 1794.The cotton gin speeded up the process of removing seeds from cotton fiber . The cotton gin had spiked hooks mounted on an enclosed revolving cylinder. The cotton was put into the machines wooden mouth and the cylinder was turned.The hooks caught the fibers and dragged them through a mesh and since the …show more content…

Due to all of this, railroads changed times of transportation immensely . Whether if it was for traveling passengers trying to get from one place to another, or to transport goods . Railroads connecting around United States made it easy to transport goods and especially food that could rot such as fruits, vegetables, milk, and even time sensitive documents and items. Because of the rapid transportation it also increased the market for the items that were being sold . Also the faster transportation of people made traveling easier whether being a tourist or for the people who now had the option to commute to work even if they lived far. Instead of taking days to travel, you could do it in

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