How Did Hitler Lose Faith In The Book Night

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Hitler was inhumane, so was many people of that time. Some people had more faith in Hitler then God. So how does one person being inhumane and treating someone inhumanely cause them to lose their faith in God? How does it correspond to the book Night? In the book, Night by Elie Wiesel he shows how being treated inhumanely had caused him and many others like him to lose his faith in God during the Holocaust. Losing your faith in God is a prime example of how being treated inhumanely can change someone life, to no return. In the beginning of the book Jews had started getting treated inhumanly, but had constantly didn’t heed the warnings of the mistreatment coming into play. This mistreatment had mostly come from the Hungarian police who forced …show more content…

Survival can mean many things, it can be your faith in God or even your own wellbeing. Being treated inhumanly over and over can cause most to give up life itself and just welcome death into their arms. In the book Night, you could hear how “Hundreds of cries rose up simultaneously. Not knowing why. The death rattle o a whole convey who felt the end upon them. We were all going to die here. All limits had been passed. No one had any strength left.” (Wisel 75). They all had sensed that their lives were coming to an end not if now, soon. Wiesel had heard these cries but couldn’t do anything because he, himself was in the mist of these cries. The targeted people of the Nazi party didn’t know why death was now banging on their door and wouldn’t stop. In the Book Night Wiesel is now out the ghetto, “One day I was able to get up after gathering all my strength. I wanted to see myself in the mirror on the opposite wall. I had not seen myself since the ghetto. From the depths of the mirror, a corps gazed back at me. The look in his eyes as they stared into mine, has never left mine.” (Wisel 83). What happened to Wiesel in the death camp was inhumane because they had turn his body into a walking corpse who now has no father. When he had, final saw himself for the first time, what he saw was death staring right at him. Death was …show more content…

That one thing that Wiesel has learned over the course of time that this book has come into play. Being treated inhumanly can cause the relationship to be broken, faith to be lost, and no action being taken to help them when it was needed. That what caused these people to lose their faith in God, in everything. The book Night show stupendous amount of inhumane treatment toward the Jews for no reason and without hope to live through it all most lost faith in God. The Hungarian police and the Nazi are the reason why most lost their faith in God and religion because they were treated with such inhumane treatment most couldn’t believe that their God would put them through it. The Hungarian police and Nazi themselves are inhumane. For the rest of History, the inhumane treatment of the Jews will never be justified enough because the scars of being treated inhumanely are still are on the backs of many Jews. Does being treated inhumane make people lose their faith in god?

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