How Did Pauline Johnson Affect Canada

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Over the course of E. Pauline Johnson’s life, which lasted from 1861 to 1913, the treatment and status of First Nations Canadians began to shift. While Pauline Johnson wasn’t as affected by the treatment and status of First Nations Canadians, due to her move off of the Six Nations Reservation because of her father’s death in 1884, she made gains for her people as she ascended to fame. Pauline Johnson made accomplishments for First Nations Canadians in her life and work, those included her poetry, acting, and lifestyle. Even after Johnson’s demise, her name and work lives on because of her talent and charisma. Johnson was raised in a privileged home, where libraries full of books were a norm and reading was strongly encouraged. Johnson became very familiar with authors including Byron, Tennyson, Keats, Browning, and Milton. As Pauline Johnson continued to age, she went to school at Brantford Central Collegiate, where she attended for two years, and graduated. After graduation, she returned to the family home, Chiefswood, on the Six Nations Reservation. In 1883, Johnson published her first poem in the New York, Gems of Poetry, and after this first publication she continued to write, which became a source of income for …show more content…

Although she had several proposals and prospective suitors, she never married and never had children. While Johnson continued a relationship with McRaye, it was made to seem a business relationship, although one doesn’t know of what their relationship consisted behind closed doors. In the time period in which Johnson lived, in was almost unheard of for an English woman, let alone a First Nations woman, to not marry and instead make a career for herself. This not only causes Johnson to stand out from the crowd, but the focus she put on her work instead of herself, showcases her obsession and passion for her heritage and her desire for others to understand her

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