How Did The Changes Occurred During The Period Of 1890-1920

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I think that many changes occurred during the time period of 1890-1920 because of innovation/invention, education, and social darwinism. I think that innovation and inventions caused changes during this time period because, all of these new things meant that way of lives could be changed for the better. Secondly, education caused changes in society because of the way the community was now thinking. Finally, social darwinism played a role in causing the changes that took place during this time period. Inventions and Innovation played a crucial part in creating change during the 2nd industrial revolution. Innovation and Inventions were a part of the industrializing that was taking place during this revolution and it led to many changes in lifestyles and businesses. One example of this is that innovation lead to assembly lines which made making things faster and more efficient. This lead to mass production which lead to bad working conditions and overworked employees. Another example is that the workforce changed due to the mass production. After mass production began and working conditions worsened workers began to unionize. The goals of these unions were to …show more content…

One example of this is that many of these things that were invented during the second industrial revolution were invented by people who had received an education. For example the Wright brothers who were the first people to build a plane with an engine, they could not have done this without knowledge of mechanics, engineering, and Physics. Another example of this is capitalism, which consists of capitalists whom received and education in order to be able to know what they should capitalize on based on mathematical statistics. Finally now that we have all these capitalists our country is able to become a part of a global economy. All of these new wealthy capitalist begin to cause the ideology of social

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