How Did The Civil War Change The United States

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One of the wars that I believe has changed the United States the most is the Civil War. The United States was in conflict, the Northern part of the country were free states and the Southern half had slavery. Because the states were divided in half so was the government. Territories, like the Texas territory, wanted to join the United States but because it was a slave-holding territory the people in the North were against it because it would make the slave states outnumber the free states. The Southerners wanted them to join for the same reason. With all of the division in the country it made the election of 1860 very interesting.
In 1860, Abraham Lincoln of Illinois, Republican Party, Stephen A. Douglas of Illinois, Northern Democratic Party, John C. Breckenridge of Kentucky, Southern Democratic Party, and John Bell of Tennessee, Constitutional Union …show more content…

This battle would only last three days but would become the bloodiest battle of the war. On July 1, 1863 the Battle of Gettysburg began. It all began when Robert E. Lee led his Confederate army onto the Union’s land. Lee and his army had been having success and was feeling really good. Lee decided to move North so he could get supplies and so he could get a victory in the North. When he arrived at Gettysburg he found two Union cavalry brigades already there. The fighting started right away. The Union pushed Lee’s army back to Cemetery Hill. Then they fought for two more days to July 3rd. On July 3rd, at 3:00 P.M. General George Pickett led what latter became know as the Pickett’s Charge. This marked the end of the Gettysburg Battle. On July 4th, Robert E. Lee waited for the Union to press on his army but when they didn’t show, he moved his army back South with over half of them dead. With 51,000 dead the Gettysburg Battle ended up with the most casualties of the war. This battle was a turning point of the war in favor of the

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