How Did The Industrial Revolution Change The World

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The Industrial Revolution, changes on the world
The Industrial Revolution, a time of opportunity, a time of change. New ideas spread creating the world we know today. The Industrial Revolution started in the 1800’s, in Britain and had changed life as we know it. Many of the things we have today would not exist if it didn’t happen. This event had a long struggle, but it had improved life for the better, through new inventions, factory working conditions, and the social level of women.
Impact of Inventions
So many new things were invented during the Industrial Revolution. Cotton gin, steam engine, radio, telephone, new roadways, and many more. The new inventions made life easier, it provided entertainment, and easy modes of transportation witch …show more content…

There were long struggles that people went through in the development of factories, but in the end it was all worth it. People were benefited in many ways because of the changes that were made, it helped to create new social classes. The new factories had created new and large amounts of wealth, this wealth belonged mainly to the factory owners, and merchants. This had created a brand new middle class made up of skilled workers, business people, and wealthy farmers. Land owners used to be the richest people but now the middle class people were starting to grow richer then the land owners. (text 725). In 1833 a Factory act was passed saying that children of ages 9 to 12 could only work up to 8 hours and children aged 13 to 17 could only work 12 hours. Then in 1842 a mines act forbids any women or child from working in the mines. (text 739). The long struggle had helped them earn safer and better working conditions. I am 15 years old and according to the rules and regulations of the state of Pennsylvania I am not allowed to be hired for a job. The mandatorily age to start working is 16, even if I was 16 I would only be working for minimum wage, the lowest possible amount. Many new laws and regulation had been created to make shore that workers and their working conditions stay safe and are fair. For example, The Federal Mine Safety and Health Act of 1977 (MSHA) states that mine operators, are responsible to make shore that all employees have a safe working environment. If they don’t, they are accused of the accident and need to deal with the

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