How Did The Romans Build Their Huge Empire

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After reading the chapter and learning more about the Romans I think creating their huge empire was an achievement, but not the only one. I believe how the Romans came to be and how they were able to create their huge emperor is their achievement. I believe explaining how Rome came to be can explain how they transformed into this amazing empire. From the beginning Rome wasn’t always strong and maybe we can learn something from that. They were weaker and weren’t always rich, but with power they were able to bring the world under their rule.
Early in their history the Romans were ruled by kings. Some say this wasn’t the best time for the Romans and it even mentions in the book on how they looked back on it uneasily. During this time Italy didn’t have enough resources to actually defend themselves, so they became warlike people. Going on the offensive could save them resources and actually help them get new resources. When Lucius Junius Brutus rose up overthrew the monarchy is when the …show more content…

Under the rule of the monarchy they focused more on resources than actually expanding their empire. If the Republic never began who knows if they would of been powerfully enough to expand and conquer. Rome began focusing on gathering territory to help with it’s growing population. The Romans allied with most of Italy and had territory to help their citizens. Doing this also helped the Army because having these territories and more citizens helped it grow.
The Republic of Rome didn’t have many changes to it’s government structure from the monarchy. The difference was instead of a king, there were two elected officers or consuls. They basically chose what laws and other things like that would go through. Unlike the King, each consul could veto the other one’s ideas or decisions. Things like that could lead to long arguments and anger. So if emergency situations only a dictator would be assigned for six months

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