How Did The Trial Of Brian Banks Vs California

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The state of California vs Brian Banks
In early 2002 a 16 year old football prodigy, Brian Banks was excused from class with a hall pass to use the restroom, where he met up with 15 year old female, Wannetta Gibson. The two went into the elevator with intent to go to the infamous “ make out “ spot, when Wannetta was allegedly raped by her fellow classmate. When Wannetta went back to class she wrote a note to her stating that, “ she use to be a virgin but she ain’t one anymore because Brian had raped her.”
After school that evening she informed her sister that she had been assaulted, and then her sister urged her to report it to the school administration. Soon after Brian Banks was arrested in his parents home in Artesia, California. After …show more content…

In which he stated there was not any evidence of a rape for a guilty plea. Brian also stated that his defense was inadequate due to the pressure induced on him even without substantial evidence of any wrong doing. Furthermore the the petition was denied due to being to vague. Justice was evidently not served in this case due to the fear that Brian Banks’ had instilled in him that there was no hope, by his former attorney. If justice was to be served a full trial would have been brought on and the defendant would have been given the chance to defend himself in the court of law. But, Banks was denied this right by being cohorsed into pleading no contest in the case of Wannetta Gibson vs. Brian …show more content…

Then as fate would have it Brian logged into his Facebook account and received a startling friend request, it was the women who accused him of rape years prior. Brian did not accept the request but rather more sent her a message asking her to meet with him. She accepted his invitation and met with him. Banks enlisted the help of a private investigator who was secretly video recording the two’s interview. During which she admitted to lying about the rape and making up the allegations because she was afraid her mother would find out that she had been sexually active. She had also stated that she admitted to her attorney during the civil trial, that the allegations were false, in which the attorney replied “Don't say nothing. Like don't talk at all. Let them do what they gonna

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