How Did Working In The Factory Affect People During The Gilded Age

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Throughout history, there was a time called the Gilded Age. During, this time period there were a lot of negative effects that affects the people. The Gilded age was known as a period that was glittering on the surface but corrupt underneath. In this time period the people were in need of a jobs in order to support their family and feed their love ones.Well, in time period the only job that people could have really gotten was working in factory. Working in the factory it wasn’t easy for the people they had no type of space to work in. Throughout the Gilded Age, a fire had broke out in a factory. In this factory there was no way out.There was a group of worker that had family and they all died due to the tight working space and no type of exits to get. While, …show more content…

Working in the factory the worker had no type of rights or even benefits that could help them in the long run. These workers had to work up sixteen hours a day just to make the small amount that they get and they couldn’t have any type of insurance or health benefits. During, this time adults were the only one working in the factories, little kids were working in the factory as well. Since, the workers didn’t get pay as much money they can’t afford to put enough food on the table. These low wage affected the workers very harshly and their families, the workers didn’t have enough buy food to provide for their family and the rent was too high to pay off. Due to the fact that the rent was too high they had to live in tenements. Sometime, other families would even share the same room they would take turns sleeping. Tenement is a room forming a

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