Unskilled Labor In The 1800s

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Workers were not able to covered their everyday needs. For example, “In 1875, a Massachusetts study found that the average worker’s wages only covered 67% of the family’s cost. The rest had to be made up in some other way” (Lecture 5-1). This then ends up with the creation of tenements. Tenements allow people to live tight together at a cheaper price with up to 16 people per room. Not enough to supports their family and themselves, many left the city to become a farmer. (Discussed in Video Lecture 05.01). As discussed by Dr. Carrigan in lecture 05-1, there were unpredictable wage drop. “Between 1873 and 1879, the wages of unskilled laborers dropped from $1.81 per day to $1.29 per day.” Professor Carrigan also discussed that, “United States

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