How Does Brutus Show Loyalty In Julius Caesar

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Cassius and Brutus’ lives both end by suicide in William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. Throughout Julius Caesar we are shown how Brutus and Cassius were true friends because they show loyalty, love and trust. Loyalty is a big way of showing true friendship with someone.”Come, Anthony, and young Octavius, come; Revenge yourselves alone on Cassius, For Cassius is aweary of the world, Hated by one he loves, braved by his brother,’(4, 2, 144-147). In this Cassius is saying Anthony and Octavius should just come and kill him. As he is tired of the world and has been hated by his brother whom he loves. The brother whom Cassius is referring to was Brutus.This shows Cassius’ loyalty as he implies without Brutus he might as well be dead. Love is a big
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