How Does Curley's Wife Change In Of Mice And Men

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In the 1930s the country faced the Great Depression. Men travelled throughout the country in hopes to find work. Many men found work on ranches and did labor. Women were a rare sight on a ranch. When there is a woman, they are usually overwhelmed with all the men so they flirt with them. On the ranch there is Curley’s wife and her flirting comes with consequences when she flirts with the biggest and dumbest guy on the ranch, Lennie. In the story “Of Mice and Men” is about two men, George and Lennie,who travel together from ranch to ranch in hope of work. They have a dream to own their own ranch after working enough and building up a profit. Everything changes a few weeks into working on the ranch. Lennie and Curley's wife are having a conversation in the barn, after Lennie accidentally just killed a puppy and covered it in hay. All of sudden Lennie got scared and the same thing happened to Curley’s wife after she let Lennie touch her soft hair. John Steinbeck uses imagery and characterization to show how Curley’s wife changed after she was killed. …show more content…

In the passage it describes the aftermath of Lennie’s murder on Curley’s wife. The passage has her laying in the hay, half covered just like the pup, her lifeless body lay there and it seemed she was in a light sleep. To show this scene and make it come alive, John Steinbeck uses the words, “roughed”, “discontent”, and “ache for attention” ( Steinbeck 93). Curley's wife always had a meanness to her and felt very discontent to her husband who only talked about boxing. This caused her to have an ache for attention which led her to talk to Lennie in her final moments because he is the only one that would listen. The author uses imagery to really describe the scene and to show the reader what Curley’s wife was like after she got to ranch full of men where she changed who she really

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