How Does Fitzgerald Use Symbols In The Great Gatsby

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Symbols in books and novels can help add support to a book or display more insight into the stories being told. Symbols can be placed by authors to further a plot, or in most cases, to develop a theme. The novel The Great Gatsby, which was written by the author F. Scott Fitzgerald, contains many themes that can be supported by the usage of symbols. One theme that stands out the most for being aided by symbols is the theme of love. Love is portrayed multiple different ways in the novel and it can always be supported by symbolism in some way. This theme of love is supported by symbols throughout the entire book including the green light on the dock, Gatsby’s pristine house, and the eyes of Doctor T.J. Eckleburg. Throughout the entire novel of The Great Gatsby, the reader follows the journey of Jay Gatsby and his quest to reunite with his long-lost love Daisy. This love Gatsby has for Daisy is symbolized in different ways throughout the entire book, but his love is distinguished the most by one object in particular: The green light at the end of the dock. One night after Nick returns home from Daisy’s house, Nick sees an abnormal scene: a man standing at the end of his neighbor’s dock. The man had just been standing …show more content…

After Gatsby won over Daisy, his entire persona and how he viewed things changed. He loved Daisy so much, that if she did not like something, Gatsby got rid of it. Gatsby now “...revalued everything in his house according to the measure of response it drew from her well-loved eyes...” (91 Fitzgerald). Gatsby’s quick changes and pristine house for Daisy symbolizes love in the way that Gatsby will do anything to make her happy; including changing everything he worked so hard for. The love Gatsby displays shows an extreme amount of loyalty and shows that he is willing to do anything for this woman. Another symbol which adds to the theme of love is the eyes of Doctor T.J.

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