How Does Huck Finn Change Throughout The Novel

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During Huck Finn’s adventures we see the evolution he goes through on each encounter. The two changes we see clearly are his relationship with Jim and the way Huck’s personality changes throughout his adventures. At the beginning of the book we see what kind of person Huck Finn is, and at the end we look back at the choices he made. We see a totally different kind of person Huck Finn has turned into. We also see his relationship with Jim change very much throughout the book. Let's look at the encounters Huck Finn goes through so we can see the two ways he has evolved. In chapter one we see what kind of person Huck is by the way he interacts with Miss Watson. We see that he does not like the way Miss Watson is always judging him. Huck says, …show more content…

We this change when Jim and Huck get separated when they are going down the river. He lies to to Jim saying that he was asleep the whole time and he just dreamt about it, but when Jim realized that huck was lying, he got really mad at Huck for tricking him. Huck says to himself, “I wouldn’t done that one if I’d a knowed it would make him feel that way.” (Pg. 65) He regrets lying to Jim about what happened because he really cares about what Jim thinks about him. Huck sees Jim like a parent because his Pap was not always there for him. Another instance we see Huck evolve is when he starts to feel bad about lying to the three daughters of Peter. He makes the situation more difficult by planing to expose the two con artists with Mary Jane, the oldest sister. His plan was to hide the gold from the fake brothers and this works somewhat because the actual two brothers come. So these changes we see from Huck are that he starts to care about what someone thinks of him and he will make things difficult for himself so he can make things …show more content…

Huck sees Jim as just property and an ignorant slave who is below him. He does not really care about him very much, but we see that he cares enough to risk helping a black man get to the free states. We see Huck play a trick on Jim when he puts a snake next to Jim when he is sleeping and scaring him half to death when Jim woke up.. Huck just sits there and laughs at Jim. This is the typical 14 year old who loves to play tricks on the adults. We also see that Huck thinks that Jim can not learn anything, use reason and can’t make an argument. We see this when Huck tells himself, “it warn’t no use wasting words- - you can’t learn a nigger to argue. So I quit” ( Pg. 60) . We see this start to change when Huck learns what time of person Jim is and why he wants to be

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