Character Development In Huckleberry Finn

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trying to run away from all of his problems and in the process runs into an escaped slave, Jim. Instead of turning Jim in, Huck helps him on his journey to the north. During the book Huck grows from a immature boy to a more respectable young man. Huck begins to see how different people can be. Throughout the story Huck grows as a character and that is because of the people he meets along the way. The portrayal of adults in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is to help Huck to grow as a more mature and respectful person. Twain uses the King and the Duke, Jim, and Huck’s own father to help Huck develop as a more mature adult.
The King and the Duke are used throughout the story to help Huck grow into a more mature character. They help to show …show more content…

All Huck needs is to believe in himself and not worry about any family. Pap is a terrible father to Huck “he is a monster, a vicious child abuser Mark Twain and Manhood 101 nouncing how the law could stand between him and "a man 's own son, which he has had all the trouble and all the anxiety and all the expense of raising," but actually bemoaning his inability to grab Huck 's money. Pap 's only sense of worth comes from asserting his meager white supremacy” (Obenzinger 101). Huck would rather act as though he was dead than live a life with a man like Pap as his father. After Pap finally comes back to see Huck and decides that he wants to live with him Huck starts to get uneasy. Once living with Pap he is left alone time and time again trapped in the house , and all he can think about is escaping. “It was dreadful lonesome... I was scared. I made up my mind I would fix up some way to leave there” (Twain 22). Once Huck sets his mind to something he does not give up, so the reader understands that no matter what might happen Huck will find a way to get out of this place that is supposed to be a home. Since Huck is used to being held captive and taken advantage of by his own father after his journey is over he would rather be alone than expect to live under someone 's roof and by their mannerisms. “Aunt Sally she’s …show more content…

Huck becomes more mature throughout the novel of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn because of the adults that he meets along the way. These adults include the King and the Duke, Jim, and Huck’s father Pap to help Huck to realize how different people can be than by what is expected. Huck learns to not judge someone based on the color of their skin, not to trust everyone, and to notice that all he needs in his life is himself. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is not only a story of a slaves journey to freedom, but also a story of a boy growing up into a

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