Theme Of Justice In Huck Finn

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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is a classic novel that takes the reader on a series of thrilling adventures full of life threatening situations, racism, and slavery. The author Mark Twain, uses the novel to highlight the flaws in society by creating a character like Huck, whose personal sense of morals and justice are more noble than those of the very people trying to civilize him. Throughout this captivating novel Huck endures his fair share of trouble and morally challenging decision but he always comes out on top by following his heart and doing what he feels to be right. Not everyone lives their life that way though. Huck is betrayed by societies faulty systems and poorly imposed laws early in the book. The very judicial system that was supposed to protect him instead hands him over to his drunk abusive father. The whole town knew what kind of man his father was, and knew that Huck would be better off under the guardianship of the widow, but the judge treated Huck like he was nothing more than his father 's property and said "courts mustn 't interfere and separate families if they could help it." That decision led to Huck living such a terrible life with his drunk …show more content…

Throughout the rest of Huck 's journey he continues to meet people along the way that believe themselves to be good civilized people but they all contradict that in some way. The Grangerford 's are in a murdering feud with another family, the Phelps own slaves and are trying to get a reward for Jim, the townspeople that feather and tar the Duke and King without a trial, the execution of Boggs, even the Widow tells Huck not to smoke but takes snuff herself. Huck spends a large amount of time in the book pondering over how to be good and do the right things, and at the end of the book when he decides to go West and leave it all behind he has finally realized that he 's not the one that 's bad, society is. Huck heads back out into the world not for more adventure, but to get away from

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