How Does John Proctor Get Revenge In The Crucible

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The Puritans believed that coming to the new world would make their lives better and more religious. In reality, it really caused turmoil in the society. They got revenge on one another by deceiving the court system. They lied to protect their reputations and to ruin the reputations of others. A lack of justice is created in The Crucible when the characters lie to and deceive one another ultimately for revenge. John Proctor lies to Elizabeth about his affair with Abigail. This ruins his reputation in the eyes of Elizabeth and makes it hard for her to forgive him. Everything about John and Elizabeth’s relationship is on edge because of his history with Abigail. Even though John is no longer pursuing Abigail, Elizabeth is still unforgiving of his sins. After a dispute between the John and Elizabeth on page 167, lines 157 and 181 John says, “You forget nothin’ and forgive nothin’. Your justice …show more content…

Reverend Parris also gets revenge on John Proctor by lying. Reverend Parris is the newest minister at the church and John Proctor doesn’t like him. He would prefer to work in his fields or stay at home instead of going to Reverend Parris’ church. This upsets Reverend Parris because he wants to have a good name in the town. Reverend Parris knows that the girls practiced witchcraft in the forest. He stumbles upon them in the woods singing and dancing with Tituba. He even says on page 142, line 61, “I discovered them dancing like heathen in the forest.” (Miller) Later on in the story when John Proctor is trying to save Elizabeth, Reverend Parris gets angry with Proctor. John tells Mary on page 191, lines 687-704, “Tell the Governor how you danced in the woods.” and Parris quickly interrupts saying, “This man is blackening my name… I never saw any of them.” (Miller) Reverend Parris was trying to save his reputation by lying. He also is a little vengeful since John accuses him of being a bad minister and he never comes to

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