How Does Katniss Everdeen Show Courage

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The Hunger Games directed by Gary Ross tells the tale of a futuristic dystopian society. The protagonist in The Hunger Games; Katniss Everdeen is played by actress Jennifer Lawrence, the film develops her character progressively and allows the audience to known her more intimately. Everdeen embodies many traits in throughout this film which include her courage, rebellious nature and her resilience. Katniss courage is exhibited when she demonstrate her ability to act in a selfless manner and show strength in a dejecting situation. Katniss by nature is a rebellious person, this is predominately due to necessity, she is depicted illegally leaving her district at the beginning of this film in order to hunt. Her resilience is an important trait she …show more content…

She resides in a region called District 12 which is infamous for its horrid conditions, men work dangerous mining jobs and food is scarce. The opening scenes in this movie famously depicts Katniss leaving the boundaries of the District in order to hunt for food in the surrounding forest. This is a clearcut example of her rebellious nature as she commits the grave crimes of leaving the District and hunting without authorization, these crimes could lead to her execution. However, she does this regardless out of necessity and in order to support her family.
“You only smile when you're in the woods” (Ross, The Hunger Games). When Katniss reflects on her time in the woods, she realizes the oppressive nature of life in Panem.
“Katniss Everdeen. The girl on fire!” (Ross, The Hunger Games). Although, this is not as clearcut example of rebellion as others it is nevertheless. This quote is the reaction of the talk show host after Katniss presents herself in a revolutionary dress which broke the norms and precedent set by previous District 12 competitors and can be seen as an act of rebellion. Overall, she is rebellious individual who embodies this trait due to

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