How Does Myrtle Kill Gatsby

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What do I know already?
I know that Myrtle has been killed by Daisy. Daisy ran her over with Gatsby’s car.

Events for chapter 8
1. Nick tells Gatsby to leave Daisy alone, and to give up on having relations with her.
2. Nick tells us more about Gatsby’s past.
3. We find out that when Gatsby was at war, Daisy married Tom. She was supposed to wait for Gatsby wait for him to get back, but she didn’t.
4. Wilson is furious that his wife is dead.
5. He finds out who’s car it is that ran his wife over, and winds up at Gatsby’s house. He then kills Gatsby.

Events for chapter 9
1. Gatsby is now dead, and Nick has to deal with it.
2. He tries to contact his family and tell them what happened, but he can’t seem to get the interest of any of

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