How Does Odysseus Use Deception In Hamlet

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The heroes in the “Odyssey” and “Hamlet” both practice deception to attain revenge against those who have wronged them. However, the way in which they go about these deceptions is very different between the two. It must also be noted that although revenge is clearly an overwhelming influence in the two stories it is not viewed in a truly positive light in either. In Hamlet the young prince uses deception as a means to bring about his revenge for his father’s murder. The image of madness which he intends to project would likely have protected him if he had ever gone through with his plans of revenge and killed his uncle. Unfortunately, his unclearness leads to his downfall. Odysseus on the other hand uses physical disguises rather than artificial madness to deceive his enemies and achieve his ends. Odysseus is masked as a mendicant when he first reaches his home: Soon after, Odysseus came in, looking like an …show more content…

One particular example is boxing; a great boxer isn't a gold medalist sprinter, but a master of deception. They’ll make objects look one way, and next will show something unlike, just like in Hamlet. A boxer sets tricks, a boxer that runs avoids interaction, and hopes that the unfulfilled challenger will make an error and leave himself exposed for something. Muhammad Ali, did way more than run around the ring, dancing with the opponent. Ali mastered the mechanics of of timing and distance in boxing. Besides Ali, not many boxers had the physical ability to get away with the unorthodox tactics that he would endure throughout his whole career. An individual could say the formula of deception can either make someone or break someone in what they do. In the form of boxing, Ali, was created into the greatest boxer of all time using deception, “No boxer has made more of an impression on the collective sporting consciousness than Muhammad Ali: indeed, it is arguable that no sportsman ever made a bigger global impact”

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