How Does Steinbeck Suffer The Most In Of Mice And Men

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In Of Mice And Men, by John Steinbeck, many people suffer, but George suffers the most, more than anybody. Even though Candy suffers because his dog died and he has no more friends or family, I believe that George suffered the most in of mice and men because he had to kill his best friend and he gets punished for whatever Lennie does wrong since they are tied at the hip. George suffers more than anybody in the story, even candy. Even though Candy had his best friend killed he was not there to see the dog die. However, George not only had to watch his friend die he had to pull the trigger and hear" The crash of the shot [rolling] up the hills and [rolling] down again." (Steinbeck 26). Killing you best friend, a person, is much worse than only hearing you dog die. If "[Candy] ought to have shot that dog [himself]." then maybe, he would have suffered more, but…show more content…
George suffers the most when Curley’s wife is killed by Lennie, he “shook her and her body shook like a floppy fish, for Lennie had broken her neck.” (Steinbeck 91). George suffers more than Curley because once again this is Georges best friend and he has to live with the fact that Lennie is a killer. Since Curley did not actually witness the death or perform the death It is not as bad as killing somebody you love. In addition to this curly did not have as strong of a bond as Lennie and George’s. You can tell that they don’t have as strong as a bond because Curley’s wife is trying to get with other men, an example is when she finds Lennie , she is dressed up all nice and “her face made up and the little sausage curls were all in place” (Steinbeck 86). Now in any situation if you married or just dating if you trying to get with other men you not staying true to your significant other, seeing that she has done this multiple times with multiple men she and Curley cannot have as good of a relationship as George and
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