How Does Tupac Affect Society

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Industry Hip-hop was invented by and for all of us. For more than 35 years, the hip-hop music business has broadcast a powerful message of peace, solidarity, free expression, and opposition to social injustice. We no longer do anything other than rap about violence in every song. It started as a form of expression for African-American and Latino communities. Spray painting, break dancing, beatboxing, and rapping were all grouped together. DJs began experimenting with different turntable technologies in order to provide partygoers with longer dance breaks. This eventually led to the creation of breakbeats. Rappers or MCs appeared to enhance the experience of the revelers by rhyming over the breakbeats. To portray community problems, they included …show more content…

¨They first went to Baltimore and then to Marin City, California. It was there that Tupac’s love and talent for poetry was bred. He eventually broke into the music business, first as a roadie and dancer for the group, Digital Underground.¨(¨How Biggie and…¨). He was born and reared in East Harlem, and his songs regularly addressed racism, criminality, and poverty. Tupac became famed for his ability to switch between gangster rap and social criticism, as well as his powerful, honest lyrics. He was both difficult and beloved for his views on police brutality, changes in the public spotlight, and racial inequity. Tupac was shot in Las Vegas in 1996 and died six days later from his injuries. Conspiracy theories continue to swirl around the killings of Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls. ¨They were two of the most talented hip-hop rappers on the scene. And they both were dedicated to exposing the truth of the tribulations of life on the streets, social injustice and the racial divide. ¨(¨How Biggie and…¨). They both had a tremendous impact on the hip-hop music business and left a lasting legacy that continues to influence musicians today. When they died, it marked the end of a new era in hip-hop music. Through any event, Big Deal and Tupac's presence and effect are still felt through their music, which is praised and appreciated by listeners all over the

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