How Is Fallacies Used In 12 Angry Men

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12 Angry Men Essay
The movie 12 Angry Men, is about a son who may have committed murder, killing his father, and 12 jurors have to either prove him innocent or guilty. There are jurors who are fixed on saying that the 19 year old boy is guilty of murdering his father, but there are other jurors who are saying he is innocent until they have proof to say that he is guilty. There are many instances when the jurors use fallacies, deductive reasoning, and inductive reasoning when they are trying to prove either that the boy is guilty or innocent.
Fallacies are used throughout the movie, but when the debate started, there are more uses of fallacies than towards the end, when the argument is almost developed. Fallacies are wrong or false beliefs that have little to no basis or evidence. The first use of this is when one of jurors says that all kids are liars and anything that kids say cannot not be trusted. There are many kids who are not liars. There are many children who do tell the truth and can …show more content…

Fallacies are mostly used in the beginning when they are developing their argument. This is used extensively by those who initially started by saying that the young boy is guilty. Most of the jurors who initially say that the boy is guilty, use inductive reasoning to prove that what they are saying is correct, whether it makes sense or not, or if it has logic incorporated into their reasoning and conclusion that they were trying to present. On the other hand, the man who says from the start that the boy could be innocent used mostly deductive reasoning to prove his points. He wants to make sure that the logic he is providing or the inductive reasoning he is trying to prove right or wrong, is based on logic rather than speculation. Although, there is a rough start, they all came together for a good ending with their final verdict as the boy being

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