How Is Mayella Powerful In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Everyone wants power. People with no power want it and people with power want to keep it. In To Kill a Mocking Bird by Harper Lee, a rape trial has surfaced, Mayella Ewells who plays the victim wins the case against Tom Robinson. In Maycomb, Alabama there is issues about economic class, the roles of men and women in society, including who is more superior to whom and the importance of skin color. The question is, is Mayella truly powerful, even in the eyes of the law and after winning the case? Although Mayella is powerful when it comes to race, she lacks power when it comes to her class and gender.

Although Mayella is powerless because of her class and gender, her racial power overthrows class and gender becoming it to be more (DOC C) Mayella is called “ma’am” for respect towards her, but since she is not accustomed to it she reacts differently while Tom Robinson is called “boy” . What Mayella thinks she’s being insulted by calling her “ma’am” she is actually being respected because of her power as a white person. As in for Tom Robinson he is not allowed to feel sorry for Mayella and becomes His “big mistake” In (DOC E). In (DOC D) Tom Robinson, Reverend Skyes, and Mr.Ewell all believe Tom will lose the case. It turns out to be true. Because she is white Mayella’s story goes through over Tom’s giving her ultimate control over the life of an innocent black man. …show more content…

Mayella has a poor family background and she is extremely poor, giving her lack of power because of her class. The people of Maycomb think she lives “among pigs” and after the trial, Mr.Ewell [Mayella’s Father]was told to “get back to their dump” meaning her as well in (DOC A,E). When Atticus called her “ma’am” Mayella thought she was making fun of but she has been so powerless she doesn’t realize that being called” ma’am” is a respect towards her in (DOC C). Her class is very low, so she has no power over

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