How Rock N Roll Changed America

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All Shook Up: How Rock N’ Roll Changed America, by Glenn C. Altschuler, does a great job in discussing all of the conflicts of the time and how rock n’ roll helped or discouraged the conflicts throughout the 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s. Altschuler used essential sources such as newspapers and magazines, as well as other books on the issue to argue main points about the conflicts and affects that rock n’ roll had during this time period. By using and analyzing the primary sources through a social history and in a narrative format, he makes a solid reason and argument for how rock n’ roll really affected and changed America. Throughout history, music has played a huge role in changing the lives of people. However, as the time has passed music, itself, …show more content…

During the beginning of rock n’ roll, African Americans were trying to gain civil rights causing many conflicts between the music and race. Altschuler does a very good job on incorporating the historical events that took place as rock n’ roll began to emerge such as, Dr. King’s speech, the court case Brown vs. Board of Education, and a major integration at Little Rock Central High School. One of the biggest conflicts was that rock n’ roll music was not supportive of integration and many time criticized to a great extent. Other aspects that were made discussed throughout these two chapters were the different artist and how they did not support their own race and even some would not play at segregated venues, which included Domino and Nat Cole. Artist, such as Ballard, were condemned for the lyrics in their songs that were many times expressive towards sexuality. However for this time period the children were taught to not have sex until after married through ways of religion and parenting, but with lyrics from the Dominoes such as “There’ll be fifteen minutes of kissin’ / Then you’ll holler, please don’t stop / There will be fifteen minutes of teasin’, / And fifteen minutes of squeezin’ / And fifteen minutes of blowin’ my top” there was a lot of anxiety from the parents of these

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