How The Reverend Dimmesdale Handled This Passage

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The two ways that sin is handled in the book are the two ways that many Christians today handle their own sin now and that is the way that Reverend Dimmesdale handled it and the way that Hester Prim handled it, and how it relates to psalms 32:3-5. The main difference between the two main characters in the story was the way that they handled sin Hester Prim let her sin be exposed, and she tried to get through it she did not run or fight or make excuses for herself, instead she just lets people say what they want to say about her and instead tries to help the poor by making them cloths. This is a good way to handle your sin but it is not the best way because from what she should have immediately turned back to god and confessed and try to learn …show more content…

at this is important is because if she did then they would have all have lashed back even harder and during this time it may have extended her prison sentence and also it may have made it hard for her to eventually become accepted in the …show more content…

He was at fault for the same crime but he kept it hidden from the public, he made many excuses about why he could not come clean with other people and this led to a lot of self-hatred. People that handle their sin in this way will normally be overwhelmed with guilt. This approach is never a good way to handle your sin because you can’t receive forgiveness as well as you should, this is because you have no one to help you through it and this makes it harder to repent for your sin and move on with your life. The Reverend attempted to confess his sin without saying what he actually did by just saying that he was a sinner but because he did not confess the part that he really felt guilty about he was unable to get rid of his guilt. This escalates to him attempting to punish himself by doing things like long fasts praying for hours on end and even whipping himself, but none of these could get him to let go of the sin that was tearing him apart. Dimmesdale should have come clean right at the start but he instead he covered it up and this opens a door for people to use it against you if they find out. This happens in to Dimmesdale when Chillingworth who at the time was Hester’s ex-husband and Dimmesdale’s doctor, he finds out that his suspicions were right about Dimmesdale being the person that was involved in the affair with Hester when he finds the letter A written on his chest. This opens a door for

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