Human Values In Beowulf

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Anglo-Saxons, the clans that ran Old England and led Britain, used bards and Scops to tell their stories. These bards and Scops, honored members of society, passed their oral traditions down the generations. A well-known epic poem told by the Anglo-Saxons, Beowulf, about an epic hero, who leads the Geats in many well-known victories, demonstrates various beliefs that the Anglo-Saxons had. Throughout time, the epic became continuously passed down was changed and evolved into the version that exists today. Which was written into text by Christian Monks, who added here and there parts of their own religion to the epic, leading to the well-known epic today. Moreover, through Beowulf, the reader has the ability to take some of their values and apply them to their life, and the overall human condition. These values and traits include, Honor, Bravery, and Loyalty, which considering their time they have become some of the most valuable traits in a person, and even a valiant warrior. Similarly, Beowulf, Hrothgar, Wiglaf, and various others demonstrate honor throughout this epic. Honor, described as respect and esteem, seen through Anglo-Saxons belief and the human condition. In the text the Geats and the Danes “honor” Beowulf after his last battle, by following his wishes of being cremated and placed with the treasures of the dragon, in a large burial tower by the sea, which was supposed to be seen by all voyagers. (Beowulf, ll.828, Burton Raffel). Today, one can see this type of

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