I Ll Open The Window By Rita Dove Analysis

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The concept of longing and love is presented in different ways by Rita Dove and Anna Swir in their poems. In “I’ll open the Window,” Anna Swir focuses on the opportunities that the future will bring upon ending a long, tiresome relationship. She employs poetic devices like personification, imagery, onomatopoeia, with a somber mood and reflection on her past relationship. On the contrary, “Flirtation” by Rita Dove conveys a feeling of hope and the joy of starting a new relationship through similes, metaphors, personification, and couplets. Both poems explore the idea of renewed hope that relationships bring either by starting a new one or ending an old one, while employing different stanza length, and creating different moods in the minds of the reader. The most obvious difference in poetic usage by both authors is mood. In “I’ll Open the Window” by Anna Swir, the mood is dark with the use of quotes such as “I am an animal.” and “I hear bones grind, I see our two skeletons.” These quotes from the poem contribute to the feeling that the speaker now detests the relationship between the speaker and her past loved one. She…show more content…
To show a dark and sorrowful mood, Anna Swir uses long stanzas and proper sentence structure, while on the other hand, Rita Dove uses short stanzas and fragmented sentence structure to express a happy, joyful mood. The use of proper sentence structure and long stanzas creates a feeling of slow-moving poetry which makes readers feel that the poetry has a sorrowful mood. On the other hand, Rita Dove uses only couplets and fragmented sentence structure to compare fast-paced poetry. Another difference between the two poems is the number of stanzas. “I’ll Open the Window” by Anna Swir contains four stanzas, while “Flirtation” by Rita Dove contains ten stanzas. More stanzas help convey a bright and joyful tone, while few stanzas convey a dark and sorrowful
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