Importance Of Intercultural Communication In The Movie 'Lost In Translation'

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As a result of increasing modernization and globalization, it is not uncommon for us to meet, study or work with people from different cultural background. To communicate successfully, understanding about and sympathizing for others’ differences is the key. Otherwise, misunderstanding and miscommunication would be inevitable, which can have adverse impacts in many situations such as studying and business setting. That is to say, intercultural communication competence is a must for anyone wishing to succeed in this highly globalized world. Thanks to its supreme importance, intercultural communication has been featured in multiple publicities, including video, songs or movies. “Lost in Translation” is an enchanting film in which many cultural patterns and elements, as well as some problems regarding intercultural communication have been clearly illustrated. “ Lost in Translation”, written and directed by Sofia Coppola, told the story of Charlotte and Bob Harris , two American coming to Tokyo. Charlotte went along with her photographer husband while Bob, a renowned American movie star, went to Japan to shoot for a TV commercial. Both of them suffered from severe insomnia and encountered many difficulties understanding and blending in the Japanese way of living. Charlotte and Bob befriended and discovered Tokyo’s life together. At the beginning of the film, when Bob arrived in Tokyo, he was amazed and alien to the host culture. On his arrival at the hotel, he was welcomed by

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