Importance Of Judgement In The Odyssey

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While reading The Odyssey, the reader notices that unfortunate events caused by suspicion and judgement are fueled by a lack of trust. Trust is a big part of Odysseus’ relationship with his crew. As the leader, he is responsible for every one of them and must lead them well. Odysseus must be trusted by his men, or else they will not leave their lives in his hands by obeying his every order. Twice in the book, Odysseus’ men go against his orders and lead themselves to devastation. The cause of those unfortunate events were distrust and that led to regrettable acts. When he visits the underworld, Odysseus is warned not to let his guard down when he returns home; Not everyone back home can be trusted. These words give birth to distrust in Odysseus’ heart and suspicion claims him victim just as his crew. II. In The Odyssey, the crew makes multiple regrettable decisions fueled by mistrust. After visiting Aeolus, king of Aiolia, Odysseus receives …show more content…

With trust, we have assurance in others and in ourselves and that is very important for there to be peace between man. Mistrust leads to unstable emotions such as suspicion. Suspicion has been what led the crew to open the bag of wind; they thought held treasure. They did not trust that Odysseus would share with them or that he would tell them what it was if they asked. These emotions embodied Odysseus’ crew which led to betrayal. Distrust found in Odysseus also led him to make regrettable decisions. After testing his father, Odysseus sees him in immense sorrow that breaks his heart. If he had hugged him, the reunion would’ve been much more optimistic; Odysseus’ choice to test him brought a dark cloud on the meeting. Both Odysseus and his crew have issues with trust and so have all mankind since the beginning of time to today. Never forget that there’s always someone out there. Even though Odysseus felt alone, he had his family: his wife, son, the swineherd and the

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